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My journey in real estate started in 1999. I bought my first property, a condo that was in serious disrepair, and sold it for a healthy profit after remodeling the bathroom, kitchen and a few other updates. I was able to use the equity I had gained to purchase my next property, and I was hooked! Over the years, properties in Texas, and now in Pennsylvania, accent my portfolio of work. When I was starting out, there were few resources where I could learn the most effective techniques used, or how to tackle and conquer some of the most common obstacles I encountered during my projects. I now understand that not having access to an expert or educational tools can prevent a first-time flipper from making the transition to a profitable, full-time business, wherein flipping usually begins as a source of supplemental income. Trial and error--and quite a few mistakes along the way have been the most expensive, yet the best teachers for me. In the process, I have learned an endless amount of information that I've archived over the years, as well as sharing best practices and industry tips with other successful property flippers. I can save you time, money and the stress of making common mistakes that can be unnecessarily costly to your bottom line. I'm grateful for the knowledge and education I've received while working in the real estate industry, and I'm happy to pass it along.  

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