My Reason Why

It’s hard to describe what the drive behind being an entrepreneur is like to someone who doesn’t have that burning desire to build something for themselves. It’s a guttural, non-stop aching motivation to achieve more every single day than the day before. It’s the feeling that’s with you when you lay down to go to sleep, and it’s the thing that wakes you up before the alarm clock goes off in the morning. As an entrepreneur, you know exactly what it means to strive for personal and business success, create and execute a plan, and all the obstacles along the way that become character-building opportunities.

The flexibility with my schedule is one of the bigger perks, both in being an agent and a flipper/investor. I can schedule showing appointments and open houses around my client’s schedule constraints, leaving me open to handle project management tasks and schedule meetings at my convenience. There are times where I find it easier to work at night, sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning. I don’t have to call and run it by someone else when I need a little extra sleep in the morning before I tackle the day.  Not having a commute thanks to my home office has to be one of the biggest timesavers in my day, and the easiest way to ensure that I’m maximizing my work hours to their potential. In the past, I have spent 2 hours or more a day in traffic getting from home to the office and back. Eliminating my commute gave me freedom to spend that time performing income-producing activities, and that’s just a smarter way to operate. The harder I work, the greater the income, so I need every advantage when it comes to time management.

I chose a career in real estate because for the most part, I was raised in the industry. My father was a real estate agent in Texas, and I was his assistant for a number of years. After several years of helping him match our clients with what is usually the biggest investment they’ll make in their lives, it was in my blood, to say the least. I’m addicted to the moment a client falls in love with a property. Few things are more satisfying than watching them find their dream house, while they envision how their family will flourish there and the memories they’ll make calling it home.  It’s an amazing sense of accomplishment to help a client from start to finish, especially watching them receive the keys to their new home after closing. It feels incomparably satisfying and it’s the whole reason I love to say I’m a REALTOR.